About Us

PNA began operation in 1997, after extensive research by Tying Nashville Together in 1996, which greatly demonstrated the need for additional aftercare centers in Davidson County.   Under then-Mayor Bredesen's administration, Metro originally provided funding for four PNA sites but increased the amount to cover three additional locations prior to our second year.  Under Mayor Purcell's tenure, Metro funding for PNA ultimately increased to 15 sites.  The organization is now funded by a combination of federal grants administered through the Tennessee Department of Education, local grants, student fees, and donations from caring parents and community partners.



  • Academics - Each day students spend at least one hour engaged in tutoring and homework help. Students also benefit from numerous educational activities.
  • Enrichment - PNA strives to expand each child's horizons and break down perceived barriers through culturally enriching activities such as art, music, botany, theatre, field trips and computer courses.
  • Health - Childhood obesity is on the rise. PNA equips students to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing them with a nutritious snack, healthy lifestyle seminars, sports participation and exercise courses such as aerobics, yoga and Pilates.
  • Community - Each PNA site is located within a school allowing PNA staff to connect with the community it serves. This prevents students from ever exiting the building and fosters a safe environment. Also, PNA students participate in community service projects in order to promote responsible citizenship.
  • Individuals - PNA celebrates diversity and individual talents and needs. Our 1:15 staff to student ratio allows us to work in small groups and one on one with students. Throughout the year our kids are exposed to seminars and events that educate them on other cultures. Our sites are open to children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, creed or handicap.
  • Affordability - PNA strives to offer a top-notch program that is affordable to all parents regardless of economic status.



Most of our staff members are Metro teachers or other school personnel who embrace the opportunity to extend quality learning experiences to the children that they work with.  PNA staff check homework daily and also review progress reports and report cards.  PNA's highly qualified staff can therefore focus on those objectives which achieve student improvement.



One of the most important parts of student learning is the involvement of their parents.  The PNA Parent Action Coalition (PAC) meets on a regular basis to talk to staff, set up parent volunteers, plan events and assist with general business. 


Project for Neighborhood Aftercare does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or age.